Corporate training

Every business has a unique business environment and different challenges. That is why we like to begin by listening to your story. And then by applying our business experience with our in-depth knowledge of anthropology, neuroscience and training techniques, we design and deliver some really unique interventions.


english training

We understand the expectations of the present corporate world. To succeed and to climb up on the ladder of the corporations today, one needs to have good communication skills and a very positive body language. Our trainers who have been into the corporate world for decades will ensure that you get the best


career counseling

In India, a normal family invests around 17-18 years of their child's life in education with an intention to get the next 40 years of Work-Life right, fulfilling and happy.  And the investment is not just money, the investment is massive with no guarantee of returns, either financially or socially.


Our Interventions in Schools

Road Safety

Training on road safety in schools. telling students how to keep safe on roads and ensure safety of others.

Cool Teens

Prevention of drinking alcohol in adolescent age. 

Career Guidance

Creating awareness about career options after 12th.

Disaster Management

Saving human life during natural hazards. Securing one self and others.

Self Defense

Defending self from eve teasing and rowdies on roads.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is the set of practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire. 

Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is the repeated misuse of online social sites etc. to harass, intimidate, bully or terrorize another person.


The link between kids and parents, teachers, friends etc is getting loosened, resulting in loneliness of kids.

Customized Interventions

Many schools have unique problems and we love to design and deliver some really unique interventions. So do you have a unique problem? Talk to us... We can probably help!



Career Counseling, Gurukul International School, Najibabad

Divine Public School
Shahbad (M)

Negotiation Skills, Ericsson Ltd.

Road Safety
Aggarsen Public School

Parenting Workshop
Clown Town